Custom Weave Specials

  1. Getting Your Tartan Woven in 100 % Pure New Wool

    • Easier than it sounds, and costs less than it should!
    • Simple. HOUSE of TARTAN ® commissions Custom Weaves for private, corporate and association customers all over the world.
    • We are a business that does more than just talk about service. And has 23 years of tartan industry experience and thousands of clients to prove it.
    • Quality is guaranteed by Scotland's finest weaving mills.
      Delivery effected 12-14 weeks after finalising design & payment.
  2. Have your Tartan made into Kilts and (lots of) other items.

  3. Kilts Mini-Kilts Kilted skirts Pleated skirts Kiddies Kilts Hats & Caps Sashes Wedding Arisaids Trews Trousers Bowties Cummerbunds Ties Neckties Ruches Pocket Squares Headsquares Braces,Suspenders Curtains Table Coverings Rosette Sashes Stoles Wedding Garters Ruches Flashes Tammies Fly Plaids Corsage buttonholes Lap-trays Shawls Stoles Scarves Wedding Sashes Bunnets Tonag Mhors & Beags Ponchos Cushions Throws Handbags Purses Sporrans Cufflinks Necklaces & Bracelets Handfastings Ribbons Wine Carriers Shoes Tartan Suits Clerical Stoles MacBeanies
  4. Choose your Special Weave Package

    • Pure New Wool 11-16oz
      Starter Pack Single Width fabric
      7.3 metres, your tartan design
      Single Width 28”/72cm

      £835.00 ($1,086.45) excluding duties and taxes
      8 Yard Kilt Special Weave Pack
      1 x Traditional 8-yard kilt, made to your measurements
      in your tartan design

      £995.00 ($1,294.64) excluding duties and taxes
      HoT Unbeatable 10m Value Pack (Double Width)
      10 metres, your tartan design
      Double width 54”/140cm

      £950.00 ($1,236.09) excluding duties and taxes
      20m Tartan Pack (Double Width in Light, Medium or Heavyweight Pure New Wool.)
      20 Metres, your tartan design
      Double width 54”/140cm

      £1,350.00 ($1,756.54) excluding duties and taxes
      40m Tartan Pack (Double Width)
      40m, your tartan design, Double width 54”/140cm
      Price includes STR Registration & Certificate.

      £2,150.00 ($2,797.46) excluding duties and taxes
      60m Pack (Double Width)
      60m, In your design, Double width 54”/140cm.
      Price includes STR Registration & Certificate.
      £2,800.00 ($3,643.20) excluding duties and taxes
      [Notes: A traditional 8-yard Kilt requires approx 7.3 metres, 8 yds. Custom tartans can be woven in mediumweight (11-12 oz) or heavyweight (15-16 oz) fabric depending on specification of yarn colours. Do not hesitate to email your questions.]

    • Registering & Naming your Tartan.

      Why Protect your design?

      If you are serious about your tartan, it makes sense to name and register it with the Scottish Register of Tartans (SRT). This ensures your design remains unique to you, your organisation or your heirs. The SRT is now Scotland’s only official Tartan Register and is administered by the National Archives of Scotland.

      What does it cost?

      You can apply through the House of Tartan or directly yourself. Registration through us costs £145. This includes the cost of the SRT's Statutory Application fee of £70; a frame-able certificate; to showcase a cutting from your first weaving and our processing charges. We've created hundreds of tartans for clients worldwide.

      What problems might one expect?

      A new design may not proceed through registration if conflicts or issues affect its register-ability. Besides any similarity issues, the most common problem is the selection and approval of a suitable name. Also, some designs prove to be un-weavable technically. So consultation and adjustment may be necessary before application can be attempted.

      How we help?

      Our service includes creating the Weavers Ticket using thread and yarn counts, without which tartan cannot be produced. The HOUSE of TARTAN provides expert guidance and interacts with the Registrar and respective mills to resolve any issues - including recommendations to get you the best-looking result. Also to ensure the size of the sett and weight of cloth is appropriate for the products you plan to use it for.

      What will the Register say about your Tartan?

      Once it is established that your design is weavable, and doesn’t infringe on other existing tartans, registration application can commence. Around this stage we will ask you to provide us with 'the Rationale' behind the colours, layout or name you’ve chosen. This will become the narrative alongside your entry in the register. We encourage clients to give this careful thought and create a succinct, objective rationale. Be aware that all information you publish about the tartan you seek to register will remain in SRT database and in the public domain for as long as records exist.

      How long does Registration take?

      Between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on complexity.

      Do I have to get my tartan woven in order to get it registered?

      At present one does not actually have to have a tartan woven into fabric to get a design registered, although legislation to change this does get perennially raised. At House of Tartan we encourage new tartan design owners to weave if they can. Or at very least create a textile print we can lodge in the National Archive as an acceptable physical sample of your tartan.

      What about the Original Registration Certificate?

      After first weaving (or printing) of your tartan, we take three physical cuttings. One is lodged on your behalf with the Scottish Register of Tartans. This is held under strict sealed conditions in the National Archives. We will hold one for reference here. The third will come to you. You may wish to keep or display this with your Original Certificate of Registration. (Also available framed alongside a sample of your tartan)

      Why use the experts?

      HOUSE of TARTAN® are definitive tartan experts, with extensive knowledge and tartan design experience. Our Perthshire based company launched the world's first Tartan Data Base and we handle Designs and Registration on a daily basis.

      We provide what we believe to be the world's widest range of products made to order in ANY tartan, including yours. Tartan is our only business and we provide an outstanding service. Put us to the test.