Designing & Weaving Tartan

Designing, Weaving and Registering your OWN Tartan
Tartan Universe getting towards end of Lock-down as at 30th MAY 2020

Thank you Folks
It's still a bit like Groundhog day for the well-worn mantra 'It won't be long now!'

There are definite signs of movement in Scottish industry and we are hoping to be set free soon. Many are working from home, but at least one of the mills is getting going. Customers from all over the world are still placing orders online and by phone.There will be someone on the end of the phone here for MOST of each working day. All other orders will be actioned as soon as the mills re-open. Items in stock are already being shipped immediately. Our fine, dedicated industry will be back up and at it very soon! Until then, if you do have some kind of emergency, get in touch and we WILL try and help.

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