Tonag, Scottish Poncho, Tartan

Tonag, Scottish Poncho, Tartan
MacBean Modern
Tonag Mhor - MacBean/MacBain Modern
Tonag Beag - Anderson Tartan
Tonag Mhor - Montgomerie of Eglinton
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Tonag, Scottish Poncho, Tartan
Available in 500 Soft, Pure New Wool Tartans.The Tonag is the Scottish poncho,and perennial favourite. A stylish and versatile garment. Easy wear, Easy Gift. Available in 2 sizes; 'Mhor' is the larger of two sizes available ('Mhor' means 'Big' in Gaelic), 'Beag' ('Small' in Gaelic) is slightly smaller. Made to order in Scotland. Allow 3-4 weeks.
Price: £79.95 (without tax)
  • Tonag Mhor - 137x137cm (54x54in)
  • Tonag Beag - 118x118cm (46x46)
  • Offered in more than 500 Tartans
  • 100% Pure New Worsted Wool
  • Made to order in Scotland. Allow 3-4 weeks to shipping


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