Ribbon, Tartan cut into Strips, pack of 5

Ribbon, Tartan Ribbon Substitute, pack of 5

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Ribbon, Tartan Ribbon Substitute, pack of 5
Tartan cut into strips across the width of a lightweight wool cloth. This is a budget alternative consisting of a pack of 5 sewn strips. Each strip 135cm (54 inches) long, hemmed down sides to produce finished width of approx 25mm (1 inch). Low-tech option where tartan definition is not that relevant. Allow 3-4 weeks for make-up. If your tartan or width is not on the list, or if you prefer a double-sided Polyester Ribbon please see Ribbons in ANY tartan in the Fabric, Materials & Ribbons Section and Tartan Hand-fasting Ribbons or contact us.
Price: £25.00 (without tax)
  • Size: 25mm x 1.4m (1in x 56in)
  • 'Ribbon' strips made up in Lightweight wool tartan - Perfect for weddings
  • 5 strips, 1 inch wide, machine-hemmed down both sides.Ends untrimmed.
  • Over 500 available tartans . Made in Scotland
  • The 1.40 metre strips are cut from the same lightweight wool fabric used for ties shawls.

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