Fabric, Tartan, Wool, Lightweight Plain Weave

Fabric, Wool, Lightweight Plain Weave, Tartan
Gordon Modern
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Fabric, Wool, Lightweight Plain Weave, Tartan
Tartan's Benchmark Lightweight Fabric. A beautifully finished PLAIN WEAVE wool tartan. Widely used for tartan ties, bowties, cummerbunds, sashes, scarves, shawls, stoles, waistcoats, vests. Ideal for light home furnishings. This is the lightest available wool tartan.
Price: £45.00 (without tax)
  • Size: 142cm (56in) wide
  • Ordinarily available within the week.
  • 100% Pure New Wool
  • Great for dressmaking, homemaking
  • Click 'Lighweight Tartan Viewer' to see all.
  • Woven in Scotland

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