Placemats, Table Mats in ANY Tartan

Tartan Placemats, Table Mats in ANY Tartan

L-R: MacBean, MacLellan, Grant, Lindsay
MacLellan Ancient
Corked-backed tablemats in Lindsay Modern
MacBean/MacBain Modern
L-R: Montgomery of Eglinton, Grant, Wardlaw, Irvine
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Tartan Placemats, Table Mats in ANY Tartan
At last! Cork-backed Placemats in ANY Tartan, Plaid. This includes your newly designed/registered tartan. Sharp, High-gloss, Easy to clean, Heat Resistant. Set of 4, made to order in Scotland. Please indicate in the Tartan choice field which tartan you require. Important Note : These are quality cork-backed placemats, a full 20% larger than 'similar' plain hardboard placemats, to be found elsewhere. And when we say ANY tartan, we mean ANY Tartan.
For any enquiries please call us on +44 1764 656671 or e-mail us here
Price: £39.95 (without tax)
  • Size: 31.7 x 22.7cm (12.5 x 9in)
  • 1 set contains 4 placemats
  • Made to Order in Scotland
  • Allow 3-4 weeks to shipping

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