Fabric, Tartan, 100% Dupion Silk Tartan

Fabric, Tartan, 100% Dupion Silk Tartan
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Fabric, Tartan, 100% Dupion Silk Tartan
Beautifully crisp textured medium-slub silk. Colourful, luxurious tartan fabrics finely woven in rich and striking colour. Ideal for homemaking, soft furnishings, dress-making, accessories & trimmings. A stunning fabric. NOTE: The mills are discontinuing silk Dupion in most tartans. If you do not see your preferred tartan, please see Silk-effect Dupion polyester replacement in this same Fabrics Section. The good news is that the silk-effect poly version is available in ANY tartan, including all variants and colours.And less expensive.
Price: £54.95 (without tax)
  • Size: 120cm wide (47 inch)
  • Vibrant tartans in 100% pure dupion silk
  • Note: Colours and patterns may vary from wool tartans
  • Great fabric & trimming for Scottish weddings
  • This fabric is being discontinued worldwide in most tartans, please see Dupion polyester in silk-effect substitute.

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