Clerical Tartan Stole, Embroidered, Lined, Custom-Made

Clerical Tartan Stole, Embroidered, Lined, Custom-made

Large Celtic Cross with Clergy Blue Tartan
Detail of Large Celtic Cross
Detail of Celtic Cross in Metallic Thread - Wardlaw Tartan
Clerical Stole with Cross - Hughes Tartan
Detail of Embroidery - Hughes Tartan
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Clerical Tartan Stole, Embroidered, Lined, Custom-made
Clerical Tartan Stole, Embroidered, and lined in plain pure new wool. Custom made to order in Pure New Wool, mixtures and Poly/Silk tartan substitutes. Illustrated here in wool and with a 17.5cm (7 inch) embroidery. We will use a silk-effect Poly substitute if your tartan is not available in a suitable weight or sett size. Other custom-embroidery designs available on provision of own artwork and digitizing.
Indicated PRICE below is for the lined CLERICAL STOLE illustrated. Its size is approx 10 cm x 2.7m (5 inches x 108 inches).Bigger or Smaller Custom stoles can be made to your measurements. Allow 4-6 weeks.For any enquiries please call us on +44 1764 656671 or e-mail us here
Price: £130.00 (without tax)
  • Lengths can be upwards from 1m to 2.8m (40 inches to 110 inches)
  • Widths can be from 12cm to 70 cm (5 inches to 28 inches)
  • Lined in Black Wool/Polyester mix.

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