Tartan MacBeanie ®, in 500 Stock Tartans

Tartan MacBeanie  ®, in 500 Stock Tartans

Royal Stewart
MacSporran Modern
Thomson Blue Dress
Ways to wear the MacBeanie®
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Tartan MacBeanie ®, in 500 Stock Tartans
This is the MacBeanie � , the genuine Tartan version of this truly unique piece of sportswear. It's also Made in Scotland.
If you've never owned one before, a MacBeanie is the definitive multi-functional gizmo which can be used and worn in at least 11 different ways. If you're like many people wearing MacBeanies for the first time, you may well wonder what we did without them. They just don't get lost and left behind as easily as regular scarves do, and tuck away more handily.
Your Tartan MacBeanie can be used as a scarf, neckwarmer, balaclava, beanie, bandana, wristband, scrunchie, face covering and more. Makes them a perfect kind of gift: thoughtful, inexpensive, useful and appreciated.
We have over 500 current tartans ordinarily available for shipping within the week. If your tartan is not to be found among these, you will need to order the MacBeanie in ANY Tartan. And when we say in ANY tartan, we mean ANY tartan. (You can order those in this section too).For any enquiries please call us on +44 1764 656671 or e-mail us here
Price: £10.95 (without tax)
  • Amazingly versatile! Protects against cold, wind, sun and dust - Washable, dries quickly
  • Also available in colder weather SuperSnug Version, with Polar Fleece, and in ANY Tartan.
  • Made in Scotland. Fine Knit Polyester Microfibre fabric.
  • Inexpensive, useful, unisex tartan gift.
  • Customer comment: "After a while I ended up with one tucked away in every jacket pocket!"

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