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Wedding Ideas for those of Celtic Origins

We receive many requests from site visitors asking how they can introduce a Scottish theme into their weddings. This section has been set up in response to those requests. Those of Scottish heritage are particularly lucky in planning and organising a traditional wedding. Scottish and Celtic culture is so rich that you may be spoilt for choice in incorporating that essentially Celtic flavour into your own wedding. Whether you wish to marry with full highland regalia or just add a little Celtic flavour to mark either the Bride or Groom's Scottish heritage, we hope you will be able to find something on this site to help you create that perfect and unique day.

We have gathered together practical advice on dress, traditions and music to help to make your wedding day unique and very special - we hope you enjoy it :-

  • TRADITION (Key t)- Some traditional themes you can introduce into your special day

  • DRESS (Key d)- Advice on wedding dress and our catalogue of garments available to order.

  • WEBWEAVE (Key w)- Welcome to the world of individually commissioned Tartan Weaving.

To help you get started House of Tartan has compiled a summary of most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Scottish weddings - whatever you need, whichever part you play, we have the answer.

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